Fedir Kopakov

Senior Javascript Engineer

Senior Frontend/Full-Stack/Javascript Developer with 10 years experience. Perfectionist by nature. Love and enjoy creating beautiful UIs, organize code.


USA Company X (under NDA), Nov 2021 - Nov 2023

Project deliverables:

Multiple React.js/HTML web apps, PHP/Wordpress/Visual Builder sites.

  • Manage the development of multiple web projects (project management PM).
  • Develop complex responsive UI. Write extendable code, the most difficult parts. So junior developers will be able to
  • re-use it and write new.
  • Hire developers.
  • Talk with project owners and their representatives.
  • Translate business requirements into technical tasks.
  • Match accessibility and technical requirements.
  • Deliver milestones and projects on time.
  • Check delivered developers' code match design and technical requirements (QA).
  • Consult, check, and help junior developers to develop.

All projects were delivered on time, in amazing quality, with all necessary bug fixes, and according to technical requirements.

April 2021 - Set 2021, Aviation Company

  • Develop web app for established business.
  • Select frontend technologies.
  • Create UIs with React, and connect them to the backend with GraphQL API.

Web app for aviation business which helps to represent and sell company services.


Created a great code base from scratch. Solid base to scale business services and increase sales.

California Startup, Sep 2020 - Feb 2021


Develop a universal MVP web app quickly. And prepare it as a template to scale and change according to business needs.


Web app template with authentication and user data dashboard. Ready to adapt to different goals.

  • Set up a login system, a database for user data.
  • Wrote functions to change user data.
  • Create a universal responsive UI.
  • The project is easy to adapt to new business.

General Experience, Sep 2013 - Now

  • Working as an independent freelancer. Was running my own agency on Upwork.
  • Was managing small teams for companies. Senior development, team leading, project management, QA,
  • Working with California startups from scratch. Working with established business.

Reac.js web apps, complex responsive UIs, API development.

  • Successfully developed hundreds of various projects. Web apps, HTML projects, CMS, Headless CMS.
  • Always using the latest modern efficient stack.
  • One of the best Upwork freelancers. Upwork awarded. Consist in the Top 3% of Upwork freelancers.
  • 100% Job success and hundreds of satisfied clients.
  • Dozens of long-term clients.


  • Frontend
  • Full-Stack (Javascript), 70% frontend/30% backend
  • MERN-Stack
  • Complex responsive UI building
  • API Connections - REST, GraphQL


  • React 17+, Redux, hooks, custom hooks, context
  • Javascript/ES6, Typescript
  • UI-frameworks - Tailwind.CSS, Material-UI, Ant Design, Bootstrap,
  • API - REST, GraphQL
  • SSR, Next, Nest, Express, Node
  • Gatsby SSG
  • Backend - Mongo, Firebase
  • Git, Slack, Jira

Personal traits:

  • Hard-worker
  • Love my job
  • Friendly
  • Result-oriented
  • Stress-resistant
  • Self-learning


National Aviation University

 Bachelor of Engineering, Aerospace engineering